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Diamond Anniversary: the Best Gifts

Diamond Anniversary

A few years ago, my grandparents celebrated their diamond anniversary. In other words: they were married for 60 years. We had a small party and even the mayor showed up. The diamond anniversary was something truly remarkable. elderly couple celebrating diamond anniversary Fortunately, this doesn’t mean the 60th wedding anniversary is the only anniversary to spoil your loved one with diamonds. Because: let’s get realistic here. Not every couple will hit that milestone. What if this is your second marriage? What if you got married later in life? Diamonds are a perfect gift for any anniversary. Especially if your spouse loves diamonds.

Diamond suggestions for an anniversary

Let me give you a few suggestions for diamond jewelry as an anniversary gift. Below, you also find some tips on how to decide which gift is best for your spouse.

Diamond Stud Earrings

woman wearing diamond studs - diamond anniversary A gorgeous pair of diamond stud earrings should be part of every woman's jewelry collection. Whether they are small delicate studs she can wear to the office. Or more elaborate ones for special occasions. She most certainly swoons with delight when she sees them!

Diamond Tennis Bracelet

woman wearing diamond tennis bracelet A diamond tennis bracelet is something women always cherish. They love sparkly bracelets. Every woman longs for a dainty and delicate diamond tennis bracelet to show off their friends!

Diamond Anniversary Band

A diamond anniversary band is a perfect gift if your wife does not wear her engagement ring every day. Or if she wears her wedding band and engagement ring on the same finger. An anniversary band with tiny diamonds is great substitute for daily wear. It is also a great option if you were not initially able to afford an extravagant wedding band or engagement ring. Perhaps you have been setting aside money for years to buy her the ring of her dreams. Surprise her with an elegant diamond wedding band for your anniversary! A simple but elegant diamond anniversary band shows her that you would marry her all over again! Isn’t that the sign of true love?

Diamond Heart Pendant

heart shaped diamond necklace on orange sweater There are so many choices for gorgeous diamond heart pendants. From a small and chic diamond pendant for everyday use to a larger one for special occasions. In our showrooms, you surely find something that suits her style.

Solitaire Diamond Necklace

A safe choice is a solitaire diamond necklace. Every woman wants to own at least one of them. solitaire necklace on tulip The best part about a solitaire necklace is that there are limitless options for styles. There are necklaces for every budget because you can change the carat, color, clarity and cut of the diamond. A Solitaire diamond necklace is timeless and classy. She is able to wear it on numerous occasions and when she does, she thinks of you with endless love!

How to choose a diamond anniversary gift

Let me give you some tips on how to decide which diamond jewelry to buy your wife for your anniversary.
  1. Take a peek in her jewelry box. Does she tend to favor necklaces? Bracelets? Or does she have an extensive collection of earrings? Think about what you see her wearing most frequently. Perhaps she dropped any subtle (or not-so-subtle) hints about wanting another necklace to wear with her favorite little black dress? Pay attention to both her wardrobe and her jewelry box. This gives you an idea of what she would like the most.
  2. Consider her lifestyle. Do you have children? Does she spend the bulk of her day cleaning, cooking and chasing after the kids? Or does she work in an environment that calls for business-like attire? If you want to choose something that fits her everyday life, you have to take her normal day into account.
  3. What is her taste? Some women wear an excessive amount of jewelry, others just a few signature pieces. Observe her for a while to find out her style and preferences before you make your big purchase. If she is not big on jewelry, a simple pair of small diamond stud earrings or a delicate diamond tennis bracelet might be your best bet. But if she wears jewelry all the time, and most of it is rather impressive, then you can’t go wrong with a bolder statement piece!
husband giving diamond present to his wife Now that we have given you some advice on what kind of diamond jewelry to buy for your next wedding anniversary, it’s up to you to take the plunge! As always, our diamond consultants are there for you to help you find the perfect piece for every occasion. You can ask them online, or offline in our store.