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One diamond, four strong women

"Diamonds are forever" is a well-known expression that emphasizes the eternal value of diamonds. However, for many, diamonds represent more than just their material value; they hold memories and carry emotions. Anita Olijve, originally from Amsterdam but now living in Switzerland, wanted to have her cherished heirloom diamond recut by one of Royal Coster Diamonds' master cutters, Pauline Willemse.

The journey began in January 2024 when Anita visited Royal Coster Diamonds with a specific request: to recut a diamond set in a ring passed down from her mother.

Anita reminisces, "I can't picture my mother without that ring. My parents owned a bakery in Amsterdam Zuid. Her ring was always on, so it has seen a lot. Likely, it got damaged during her daily bakery cleaning chores."

Pauline explains, "The stone was quite damaged indeed. The side had significant flaws, extending all the way to the culet, the diamond's bottom tip. As a result, the diamond had completely lost its shine."

Anita continues, "I immediately felt at home at Royal Coster Diamonds during Breakfast at Coster, an initiative organized during the pandemic. It was a warm welcome, with friendly and knowledgeable staff. The tour through the world of diamonds was fascinating. I learned about Pauline and her world record for cutting the smallest diamond. When my mother passed away in 2022 and I inherited the ring, I knew I wanted Pauline to recut it. Her being a female cutter appealed to me greatly. After consulting with Donny Griffioen (responsible for all diamonds at Royal Coster) and Danielle Zondervan, I asked Pauline to cut the diamond. She was immediately enthusiastic and got to work quickly."

Pauline shares, "I started by recutting the diamond and then proceeded to polish it. As the diamond's table remained intact, I could begin shaping its roundness right away."

Pauline continues, "It took me two working days to cut the stone. It was a demanding task, testing my skills. I aimed to minimize weight loss while maximizing the diamond's potential. Ultimately, the stone went from 52 points (0.5 carat) to 31 points (0.3 carat). Witnessing the stone regain its brilliance was truly rewarding."

Anita concludes, "I took the stone back to Switzerland, where a female goldsmith and I collaborated on designing a new ring. The result is completely different from my mother's ring, but I'm sure she would have loved it. It's a stone with a story, and the involvement of four strong women in creating something so beautiful makes it extra special."

This story of Anita Olijve and Pauline Willemse shows how an heirloom can be transformed and renewed while the valuable memories remain. It is an ode to craftsmanship, where a diamond is not only a symbol of beauty but also of connection and the stories it carries with it.

Are you interested in transforming your cherished heirlooms, just like Anita's diamond? Get in touch with us now to discover how we can recut and renew your diamonds, and let's craft a new chapter in your story together.

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