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Royal Coster Diamonds shines at the Premiere of Pretty Woman: The Musical

Shanna Slaap premiere necklacePretty Woman: The Musical has finally arrived in the Netherlands, and Royal Coster Diamonds had the privilege of being at the Premiere! The leading actress, Shanna Slaap, shined on the red carpet adorned with beautiful jewelry from Royal Coster Diamonds.

Just like in the musical, Shanna wore an incredible necklace. This necklace is made of 18K white gold and consists of 104 oval-cut sapphires and 358 brilliant-cut diamonds. The oval-cut sapphires weigh 57.97 carats, and the brilliant-cut diamonds weigh 20.32 carats. In addition to this necklace, Shanna also wore two matching rings, which also featured sapphires, and a lovely pair of earrings to complete her outfit.

The musical is based on the '90s film Pretty Woman, a story filled with romance and humor, starring Shanna Slaap and Jan Kooijman. Shanna Slaap plays the role of Vivian Ward, and Jan Kooijman plays the role of Edward Lewis, and together with the cast, they light up the stage.

About Royal Coster Diamonds

Royal Coster Diamonds is one of the world's oldest diamond polishing factories, located in the heart of Amsterdam. Since 1840, Royal Coster Diamonds has been renowned for its craftsmanship, passion for diamonds, extensive stock of loose diamonds, and personalized approach. With experienced master polishers and goldsmiths, Royal Coster Diamonds provides a unique experience for diamond enthusiasts. The company is enthusiastic about sharing its love for the craft and is committed to helping customers find the perfect piece of jewelry.