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The Champagne Diamond Suprise


  • Hidden Diamond in your Champagne.
  • One guest wins a high quality diamond incl. certificate.
  • Our expert polisher explains diamond recognition.

This event can also be organised at location. Pricing upon request.

Enquire to book
Enquire to book

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The Champagne Diamond Suprise

Every guest receives a glass of champagne. In each glass, we have placed a real diamond or a cubic zircon (an imitation diamond). Nobody can see the difference between a real diamond and the zirconia. That's why we have one of our master polishers with a diamond loupe to check each stone. He or she determines which stones are imitations and which are real. Of course, only a few (or one) of the stones are real diamonds. But the guests can also keep the zirconia as a beautiful memento of the entire evening. While the diamond polisher checks the diamond, he or she explains a bit about the process of recognizing a real or a fake diamond. If people have questions about their own jewelry, they will be answered in a discreet and fun manner. This event can be held at our premises or any other venue of your choosing. Language tour upon availability and prices upon request.

Duration and cost on location is upon request, please fill in the form below for a personalized offer.